How To Show List Of Available WordPress Shortcodes Using A Metabox In Post Admin Section ?

For easy usage you can display a simple list of shortcodes available in your WordPress site using a meta box in post admin section i.e. ADD NEW/EDIT post pages. Not only this much but you can quickly insert the shortcodes into your content simply by clicking the small ‘Insert’ button left to each shortcode name in metabox. Insertions simply add brackets and any known required parameters. Metabox can also display help about shortcodes which you may get by clicking on the name.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate the new WordPress plugin LRH-Shortcodes. After activation the plugin automatically adds a metabox showing list of available shortcodes in post admin section.

Admin area options page of the plugin allows you to enable or disable listed shortcodes, any additional known information like required and optional shortcode parameters.

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