Disallow Advertisers From Tracking Your Activity

Disconnecting yourself from web tracking done by advertisers not only increases your privacy but makes your web browsing fast and secure.

What actually happens is when you visit different websites, all your online activity gets automatically tracked by the advertising agencies and other online companies to serve you with more personalized search results and more targeted advertising. It simply tries to show you what you really want to see.

Disconnect 2

This happens when a website embeds any third-party ad unit or code like the Plus One button, Facebook Like box or Twitter’s tweet button, these things provides social networking and other websites a license of tracking your online activity.

Not only this much but when you are logged into any of these websites or networks, your online activity gets linked to your browsing history.

Here comes the use of an application that lets you disconnect yourself from such trackings.

Disconnect, a Google Chrome extension automatically blocks advertising agencies, search engines and analytic services from tracking your web activity.

Simply add this extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser and that’s it. No configuration settings are required and as soon Disconnect is added, tracking gets automatically suspended in your web browser.

The app also allows you to exclude certain websites. It also has an option for enabling selective tracking services on per site basis.

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