Hide The Fact That Your Website Relies On Public Name Servers (Shared Hosting)

You can show vanity name servers on Who.Is record of your domain name. Vanity name servers is another good feature you get with SANGKRIT.net’s Premium DNS service. It lets you hide the fact that the website is actually hosted on some shared web hosting and relies on the servers of your hosting provider. 

Premium DNS comes bundled with lots of options and features. Its main purpose is to keep your website safe, close security gaps, provide better and faster performance, improves website availability and much more. You can know more about each feature in detail here.

Here we will tell you how to show custom name servers in who.is record of your domain name.

By default, who.is record shows the public name servers like:


Which is changed to (When vanity name server is enabled.):


So how to do this? 

First subscribe your Premium DNS here. Make sure you have at least one domain name registered at System.SANGKRIT.net

Visit your accounts page and launch ‘Premium DNS’.

Premium DNS 1

From the settings column click ‘Vanity Name Servers’ icon (last icon).

Premium DNS 2

Turn On the service and copy the new name servers.

Premium DNS 3

Click ‘My Account’ button on the top right corner and select ‘Domain Manager’.

Premium DNS 4

On ‘Domain Manager’ page select the domain and click ‘Set Name Servers’ option.

Premium DNS 5

Select custom name servers option followed by the link ‘Enter custom name server’

Premium DNS 6

Paste the name servers you have copied from vanity page and click the ‘OK’ followed by the ‘Save’ button.

Premium DNS 7

That’s it. Changes may take a few moments to take effect.

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