How To Point Domain Name To VPS Or Dedicated Server?

If in-case adding custom name servers doesn’t work, you can easily setup your domain name to work on your VPS or dedicated server simply by editing its DNS zone.

In this case you don’t need to edit or use custom name servers but make some changes in your DNS zone file and it will start working with default nameservers provided by your domain registrar.

First thing you need to do is login to your VPS or Dedicated Server and copy its IP address.

Next step is to login to your domain account and click ‘Manage‘ button to open up your domain details.


Now select DNS Zone File tab to edit your domain’s zone information. Click ‘Add Record‘ button present in zone file section and add records as shown in the given example.


Here are default examples:

  • Hostname – www, record type – A address, ***.***.***.*** (IP)
  • Hostname – @, record type – A Address, ***.***.***.*** (IP)
  • Hostname – *, record type – A Address, ***.***.***.*** (IP)

Don’t forget to replace the IP above (***.***.***.***) with your VPS or Dedicated Server IP address.

You can add records one by one by click ‘Add Another’ button. Once DNS records are added, save changes and that’s it.

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