How To Use Subdomains On Different Hosting Accounts And Different Nameservers?

Just like domains you can use custom name servers on subdomains too for domain names registered at This way you can use subdomains the same way you use domains for hosting new websites, as addon domains on any web hosting option or server.

You can use these subdomains on any VPS, Dedicated Server, or any Shared Hosting plan just like the regular domain names.

How To Point Subdomains To Custom Name Servers?

Login to your account and follow the given steps:

  1. Access your domain manager, the one you see on MY ACCOUNTS page
  2. Select your domain and click the Manage button
  3. On the DNS configuration page scroll down and click the “Add Record” button
  4. Select a new “Nameserver” entry on the Record Type field where the “host” will be your subdomain name which you want to point to custom name servers. Use the proper nameserver naming format or will kick an error. “Points to” will be the name server such as dns-subdomain
  5. Then you can add a new record with the same host and this will point to (if required).

That’s all. DNS propagation takes some time and then you would be able to use this subdomain on your hosting or server by adding it as ADDON DOMAIN on cPanel or wherever you like.

Alternative Method: Alternatively you can add A record (instead of NS Record Type) pointing to your server’s or hosting’s shared IP address.

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