How To Find Your Hosting Or Server’s IP Address?

When you have to manually update the DNS for your domain to point it to your website or when you don’t want to change the name servers because you are using some custom MX records for email or when you need to host your mobile application files on your server or whatever. You will need the IP address of your web hosting, managed WordPress or server to use it.

To find the IP address, simply log in to your hosting account then visit My Products page and follow the steps:

  1. On Managed WordPress, click the Settings button.
  2. Click the DNS tab. Your IP address is located under Value.

On cPanel hosting, visit your cPanel and click Server Information from the right sidebar then copy the hosting IP address.

The above process works for cPanel’s paper lantern view, if you are using classic view then you will find your hosting’s IP address on the left sidebar.

In-case if it is not there then at the bottom of the sidebar, click more stats option and it will open up with a group of other server information and statistics.

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