Now Redirect Default WordPress Search To Google, Bing Or Yahoo

Now redirect your WordPress default search to popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your site’s visitors can get more appropriate search results when they search anything in your blog.

Simple Search Redirect is new WordPress plugin that adds a widget (and shortcode too) that lets you redirect users to various search engine’s site:search filters which gives more accurate result than default WP search functionality.

Widget Configuration Interface

How To Use ?

Install and activate the plugin. Then simply drag Simple Search Redirect widget to your sidebar’s widget area. Configure widget options by selecting your search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing). Save, that’s all.

What Will Happen ?

When anyone will type any search term on your website’s search box then after pressing enter he will be automatically redirected to search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) showing your site’s internal results.

How To Use Search Redirect Via Shortcode ? (OPTIONAL)

You have the widget but you can also use this [simple-search-redirect] shortcode for showing this search box inside your posts pages etc.

Shortcocde to redirect to Yahoo: [simple-search-redirect engine=yahoo]

In the same way use:

  1. For Google use google in the shortcode)
  2. For Bing use bing in the shortcode)
  3. ForYahoo use yahoo in the shortcode)`
  4. For Duck Duck Go use duckduckgo in the shortcode)
Also you may disable the submit button (search will work by pressing enter) with button=false
And you can change the placeholder text which is by default is “Search”. In the following shortcode place holder text is changed to “Search on Google”

[simple-search-redirect engine=google placeholder="Search on Google"]

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