Easily Manage Your Restaurant Menu Online In Your WordPress Site

We have already discussed about best WordPress plugins, domains and hosting plans for starting your restaurant online. We have also learned about giving a better look to your food recipes in your cooking blog and auto creating Google Recipe View in search engine results. Now this tutorial is about a new WordPress plugin you can use for managing your restaurant menus online in your WordPress site.

If you are tired of creating and publishing PDFs fro your restaurant menus then its time to try something new and easy. Now by using Easy Restaurant Menu Manager, a free WordPress plugin your can easily manage your restaurant menu online in your WordPress website, it includes prices, categories,  and descriptions that you can easily keep up to date.

You can easily update all your restaurant dishes in a way that is easy for you to maintain and easy for your customers to read. You can new categories like appetizers, entrees or desserts, you can name them, you can set the display order for categories and include a small description for each of your item, you can show or hide the price tag. It also allows you to tweak its display by adding your CSS right from the plugin’s interface. View more of its screenshots here.

This plugin is not just limited for restaurants but spas, service stations and others can use it too for sharing the menu of their services. Simply install and activate it, you will notice a new menu item added in your WordPress dashboard which you can use for managing your menus. Although this plugin is easy to use but if like you can learn more about its features and usage here.

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