Everyone Should Be A Blogger

Sangkrit has set the simplest and safest way for everyone to change his status from home. Staying home and following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business simply leads your way to develop your Sangkrit household and become free forever.

Installing WordPress on your domain works as your free press, where you can post anything you want the world to know, instead of using any so-called social media sites where you may get kicked-off randomly, ex-US President is one example of that.

Start by registering your full name as your domain name, subscribe to WordPress, and start blogging. Blogging is for everyone and everyone should be a blogger. Blogging can be personal-hobby-based or business-related. Start blogging to never stop, if you find it hard to master a niche then start posting the little things of your life. Blogging on dissimilar topics is also not a problem, HuffingtonPost is one good example of a successful blog having many dissimilar topics. 

Engaging more people on your blog and building your credibility as a free press not only pays you off by generating advertising revenue with Adsense but now you have your domain as your private property with its value increasing every day and one day it will make you rich. Target big businesses and convince them that the best press coverage is to be featured on personal blogs that specifically writes about new and useful products, your blog can be extremely valuable for them as your readers are all their potential customers.

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