Easily Track Users Who Fill Up Your Contact Forms In WordPress

You can easily know details of user filling up contact form in your WordPress site.

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form builder plugin and Contact Form 7 Lead info with country is an addon module that lets you track details of users and emails everything to you. 

First of all make sure Contact Form 7 is installed and working on your WordPress site then,

Start by installing and activating Contact Form 7 Lead info with country in WordPress

Upon activation, all you need to do is add the [tracking-info] shortcode in the message body of your contact form and that’s it. Tracking is on.

How Contact Form 7 Lead Info With Country works?

The plugin simply adds the user details in email of Contact Form 7 plugin, as shown in the given screenshot.

Contact Form 7 Lead info with country 1

This plugin is an enhanced version of the plugin Contact Form 7 Leads Tracking. It includes translations, tracks IP and the country.

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