Send Automatic Replies To Your Jetpack Contact Forms In WordPress

Now you can set auto reply message on your Jetpack Contact form. Popular plugin Jetpack provides you a contact form generator module which adds a contact form generator button on the top of visual editor on every post and post type edit screen. 

In this article we will show you how to extend Jetpack contact form module to set auto reply messages.

First thing to do is check you have Jetpack by plugin installed and working on your WordPress site.

Next step is to make sure ‘Contact Form’ module is active.

Now install and activate Jetpack Contact Form Auto Reply plugin in WordPress

It is an addon plugin to Jetpack which upon activation extends Jetpack contact form module and allows you to set auto reply messages using native WordPress functionality.

After activation, visit your admin area dashboard Jetpack -> Auto Reply and tick ‘Enable contact form auto reply’ checkbox.

Autoreply Jetpack 1

Type in your auto reply message which contains email subject and content. You can insert images, use TinyMCE formatting buttons and more.

Autoreply Jetpack 2

Finally, when you are done; save the changes and that’s it.

Now next time when any visitor who submits contact form on your website will receive an auto reply email.

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