Easily Switch Between Small Return & Big Return In WordPress Visual Editor

Switching between small and big return on visual editor is easy but very few people know how to do this thing easily on the go. In this lesson we will show you how you can switch between small and big hits when writing posts on your WordPress site. 

Small return are small gaps added when a new line is started. It works as a line breaker whereas big return is a large gap between two paragraphs.

Formatting small & big returns in your text editor:
  • For big return: Hit ENTER in your keyboard.
  • For small return: Hit Shift+ENTER in your keyboard.

Breaks are used to separate a bit of text from the rest of paragraph or list for keeping together two groups of text without changing the paragraph.

Small Return 1

The given screenshot shows two groups of text where first is formatted with small return whereas the other is formatted with big return.

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