Beautifully Copy-Paste Text From Word To WordPress

In this lesson we will show you how you can copy and paste text from Word/Writer to WordPress post visual editor without losing lists, tables and other HTML things. 

In olden days, bloggers use to utilize ‘Paste from Word’ button but now WordPress has this functionality built-in.

Yes, from WordPress 3.9 update, the ‘Paste from Word’ button has been removed from the kitchen sink. The reason is WordPress is now loaded with more powerful features which automatically acts behind the scene.

Now WordPress automatically detects whether you are pasting the text from MS Word and then it makes all appropriate changes on the go.

So if you’re looking to paste rich content from Word or Writer etc, make sure ‘Paste as Text’ (fifth button on second row) option is turned off. And that’s it.

If formatting is your issue then ‘Clear Formatting’ button is already there in WordPress visual editor that removes all formatting (bold, italic, colors etc) from a highlighted section of text. All you got to do is select the text and click it.

Also read our lesson on adding advanced formatting options to WordPress visual editor.

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