Snip Anything On Internet, Add Your Thoughts And Organize Your Collection. Now Use It In WordPress is an online service that lets you grab, add thoughts and organize content across the web to your collections. You can join different groups as per your interest, get stats on what you have shared, create beautiful content libraries and influence communities of people subscribed to you.


[quote style=”1″]Instead of being a place where bookmarks go to die, turns them into a living library organized around your interests and makes them ripe for conversation[/quote]


[quote style=”1″]I’ve been on the hunt for a new place to share the various stuff I read on the web with my friends and acquaintances… could very well turn out to be that place.[/quote]

Its easy to join, visit and click SignIn with Facebook button, click Go to App button, approve permissions and you will get redirected to your Snip.It account.

How to Add Snip.It In WordPress ?

Using Snip.It’s brand new plugin you can add its bookmarklet in WordPress too. Install and activate Snip.It Plugin. After activation its adds a widget which you can use from Appearance -> Widget Section, another thing your can use is its shortcode [snipit-button] for showing sharing button.

Using Snip.It With Jetpack Sharing Module:

If your are a Jetpack user then no problem, its sharing buttons very nicely get integrated with Jetpack sharing module.

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