Easily Share Your Computer’s Screen With Your Friends, Team Members Etc

VSee is a free and easy service for doing video conferencing and sharing your computer’s screen with your friends, team members etc. Not only you can share screen but also you can share controls.

So for starting up you need to download VSee Client App, you can download it for free from VSee.Com:

  1. Visit VSee.Com
  2. Enter your Email Address and click Sign Up button.
  3. Open your Email box, you will be finding a mail from VSee. Open it.
  4. Click the button Complete SignUp, you will get redirected to signup page.
  5. Complete the sign up process, enter you name, password and Download the Client

After download completes click to launch its installer. After installation you can login with your VSee account credentials and start connecting with your teams, friends etc.


  1. Enterprise Friendly
  2. Scalable and Secure
  3. Drag-and-Drop File Transfer
  4. One-Click Application Sharing
  5. Observe Facial Expressions with HD Video
  6. Low Bandwidth, Connect from Anywhere, even on 3G/4G Cellular.

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