Free Download Manager Apps For Your Android Device

Download managers are the applications used for downloading and managing files more easily for example it can resume broked downloads which is not common with default browser download managers. Here are some free download manager apps for Android machines available in Google Play Store.

Super Download Lite

This app allows you to download files much faster using wifi and mobile data at the same time. You can share or open a link from any program, like from the browser, and download it at the speed up to two times faster than usual. This is the only downloader tool that can download files using wifi and mobile data connection at same time.

Turbo Download Manager

As reported, it increase the speed of your downloads by up to 5x times. The First Download Accelerating app in the Android Market! Long Press on a link from your browser => choose “Share Link” => “Turbo Download Manager” and start your downloading in turbo speed.

It makes use of multiple HTTP connections for downloading files to your android device. You can enable “Download Acceleration” by increasing the number of “Maximum Connections per Download” and you can further optimize your download speed by modifying the “Buffer Size” under “Settings”

  1. Add Url links
  2. Download history
  3. Auto-rename files
  4. Start/Pause Queue
  5. Unlimited file size
  6. Buffer size optimization
  7. Download Acceleration
  8. Work in the background
  9. Multiple Parallel downloads
  10. Normal/Turbo Mode option
  11. Notifications (Visual/Sound)
  12. Single/Multiple Notifications
  13. Restart Download from history
  14. Queue/Pause/Resume/Recover
  15. Configurable Download directory
  16. Up to 10 Parallel Streams Per Download
  17. Web Browser support for Dolphin, Firefox

Advanced Download Manager

Its free version offers you the following given features (YouTube is not supported):

  1. You can editing download queue
  2. Resume after disconnect or restart
  3. Saves different types of files in different folders
  4. Accelerated download by using multithreading
  5. Automatic definition file size after the addition of
  6. A sound and vibration upon termination of loading
  7. Interception of links from the browser and a clipboard
  8. Space reservation on a flash drive for the downloaded file
  9. Window over all windows with the list of running downloadings
  10. A icon of the program and loading progress in the notification panel

Download Manager for Android

Its key features include download of files in parallel parts and reusing connections to increase the speed. You can start downloads from the browser or email using the link share intent, or by entering the URL manually. Other features include:

  1. Resume of broken downloads
  2. Specify MD5 checksum to ensure file integrity
  3. Supports large file downloads (more than 2 GB)
  4. Support for HTTP BASIC and DIGEST authentication
  5. Maintain download state even after app is destroyed

Loader Droid Download Manager 

Stable, fast and easy to use download manager for Android. It supports any type of file for downloading: videos, images, music, applications, anything. Includes following more features:

  1. Resumable downloads
  2. Auto pause when connection gets lost
  3. Auto resume when connection reappear
  4. Intercepts links from Browser and other applications
  5. You can define what connection is allowed for each link (WI-FI, 3G, etc)

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