How To Preview Any YouTube Video Thumbnails On Hover?

In this tutorial we will show you how you can hover any YouTube video thumbnail to see more images inside it and get a quick preview without playing it.

Many video broadcasting websites shows you a small video preview on hover but YouTube still doesn’t has this feature themselves.

But you can easily enable it with Youtube Thumbs extension. It simply animates all thumbnails of any YouTube video on mouse over.

Vykintas Eitutis, a user of Youtube Thumbs extension says that he has been using it for like a year and he can’t imagine YouTube without it. No problems, it is extremely snappy and works like a charm.

How To Use YouTube Thumbs?

Add Youtube Thumbs in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser and that’s it.

Visit and mouse over any video thumbnail to see it working.

YouTube Video Preview

How It Works? When a video is uploaded to YouTube, it generates three thumbnails of the video.

One thumbnail is assigned to the video and other two are left unused. Now what this extension does is, it auto plays all three video thumbnails in a loop on mouse hover.

Another extension called Video Preview does that same thing and also shows you a preview of video ratings.

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