Easily Combine & Compress All JavaScript & CSS Files To Make Your WordPress Site Faster

Most popular way of making your website pages more responsive is simply minimizing the number of files to be downloaded as your webpage is loaded. This tutorial is on a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin called AssetsMinify, the plugin compress all JavaScript and CSS files to make your website more responsive and faster than before.

The plugin takes every CSS and JS asset included using wp_enqueue_style() andwp_enqueue_script() and Merges+Minifies them.

Other than this the plugin can also be used for creating your own WordPress theme using Compass / SASS / LESS without configuring any config.rb or that kind of stuff.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate AssetsMinify plugin.
  2. Set write permission to uploads directory as in most cases: chmod 777 wp-content/uploads/
  3. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> AssetsMinify select whether to use Compass to compile SASS files or not flagging “Use Compass” field.

If you check the flag “Use Compass” you can also specify the Compass compiler’s path ( default is /usr/bin/compass ).

Important: If you choose to use Compass, the PHP proc_open function has to be enabled from the server on which the website relies.

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