Best Way For Minifying HTML, CSS & JavaScript To Speed Up WordPress

Minify in WordPress simply means removing all white spaces from code which works as a great trick for speeding up your website and reducing resource usage. On one hand these spaces make the code more readable for programmers where as on other hand servers and also web browsers don’t like it. So here comes the use of an application that can automatically minify your website’s code rather than manually doing this job. WP Minify integrates the Minify engine in your WordPress installation which combines and compress JavaScript and CSS files for improving the page load time.

How To Use WP Minify Plugin?

First make sure ‘wp-content/plugins/wp-minify/cache’ is writeable by the web server. (try ‘chmod 777 wp-content/plugins/wp-minify/cache’). Now install and activate WP Minify plugin.

How WP Minify Works?

Before WP Minify (11 JS requests @ 111KB):

After WP Minify (1 JS request @ 30KB):

The plugin grabs JavaScript/CSS files on generated web page and passes that list to the Minify engine which then returns a consolidated, minified, and compressed script or style for the plugin in order to reference in your WordPress site’s header.

Compatibility Issues With Some Plugins: The plugin might create problems with some themes, plugins & widgets like your social sharing buttons are not showing up or your websites JavaScript based menu is showing only simple links with no JavaScript, WordPress jQuery Mega MenujQuery Vertical Mega Menu plugins doesn’t works with WP Minify etc. Well in that case you may JavaScript minfication from Dashboard -> Settings -> Minify page and use only CSS & HTML minification.


  • Easily integrate Minify into your WordPress blog.
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Debug tools to help you debug your issues.
  • Ability to include extra JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Ability to exclude certain JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Minified JS and CSS files can be placed wherever you want.
  • Support for to minifying external files via caching.
  • Ability to pass extra arguments to Minify engine.
  • Expire headers for minified JS and CSS files.
  • Detection and elimination of duplicate sources.
  • Plugin hooks!

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