Trick Spambots By Enabling Real Dynamic JavaScript Encryption In Email Addresses Present Inside Your WordPress Site Content

Posting an email address inside your blog post increases the risk of directing spams towards email inbox. BetterAntiSpamBot is a free WordPress plugin that lets you post email address with better protection against spambots. The plugin encrypts email addresses with a dynamically generated JavaScript function.

How It Works ?

When encrypted email addresses are present inside your contnet like post or page, BetterAntiSpamBot automatically adds a single, uniquely generated JavaScript function to footer.

First, the plugin generates a key and splits it into variables. Then it randomly generates variable-, function- and parameter names using similar UTF-8 characters. Finally the code gets compressed and reduced to one line. And in this way it makes automated email harvesting pretty hard for spammers.

Installation & Usage:

Simply click “@” button present in your visual editor’s toolbar.

OR just type the shortcode changing email address to yours: 

  1. Posts: Shortcode [bspam mail="your@mail.tld"]Display Text[/bspam]
  2. Posts: Shortcode extension [bspam mail="your@mail.tld" alias="youralias"]Display Text[/bspam]

The plugin is also integrated in PHP:

  1. PHP: global $betterantispambot; echo '<a href="'.$betterantispambot->setmail("your@mail.tld").'>Display Text</a>';
  2. PHP: global $betterantispambot; echo '<a href="'.$betterantispambot->setmail("your@mail.tld", "youralias").'>Display Text</a>';

All above codes will output a clickable link “Display Text”:

  1. <a href="javascript:decrypt(0)">Display Text</a>
  2. <a href="javascript:decrypt('youralias')">Display Text</a>
  3. <a href="javascript:decrypt(0)">Display Text</a>
  4. <a href="javascript:decrypt('youralias')">Display Text</a>

Security Levels:

Other than this you can also change the plugin’s security levels to Best, Good, Minimal, Realnames (Debug) and also its Variable length from its options page (Dashboard -> Settings -> BSPAM).

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