Amplify: Icebreaker For WordPress User Engagement

Amplify is the brand new WordPress plugin that lets you presents your human face to your website users. The plugin is designed to encourage visitors to engage with you.

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People want to connect with real people and not brands. Brands are not people. But brands are made by people. So why not use a real person from your company to represent your brand.


Install and activate Amplify plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Amplify admin page and enter your API key. You can easily obtain your free API key by registering your account at

amplify screenshot 1

Amplify -Feedback widgets, contact us forms etc are seen by your users as one-way conversations. Users after filling up a form are not even sure if they will receive a reply. But with Amplify Connect these feedbacks are turned into conversations and stored in a personalised user-inbox for every user.

amplify screenshot 2

Pro-active User Engagement-Less than 0.5% users on any site submits a feedback or fill up a contact form. So instead of waiting for users to contact you, why not greet them with a custom message when then pay you a visit.

amplify screenshot 3

Easy and yet powerful customer support-Easily assign these conversations and support requests to team members. Use email forwarding to centralised your support queries via Amplify Connect.

amplify screenshot 4

additional marketing channel-An additional marketing channel

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