How To Hide Sticky Footer Of Jetpack Infinite Scroll In WordPress?

Instead of making your visitors having to click a link view older posts or navigate to next page in WordPress you can use Jetpack’s infinite scrolling module which automatically pulls the next posts into view when the reader approaches the bottom of the page. It is now compatible with Google Analytics, now its options page on dashboard Settings -> Reading allows you to track each Infinite Scroll post load as a page view in Google Analytics.

Unlike to other Jetpack modules, Infinite Scroll is only compatible with themes that support it.

After activating Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll Module (Jetpack -> Settings) it automatically inserts a sticky footer showing your website’s name and the name of WordPress theme you are using in your website.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily hide this sticky footer with CSS.

How To Remove Sticky Footer Of Jetpack Infinite Scroll?

You must be knowing that Jetpack provides you a module for adding custom CSS in your website.

Simply visit Jetpack -> Settings page and activate edit CSS module. Now visit Appearance -> Edit CSS page and add the following CSS:

#infinite-footer {
display: none;

Save the changes and that’s it.

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