Easily Add Horizontal Line Separators To WordPress Posts

By adding horizontal lines and dividing posts into multiple sections you can make long blog posts more readable in your WordPress site. 

HTML provides you a simple code to embed horizontal lines and now WordPress also provides you a TinyMCE button which automatically inserts an horizontal line inside your post content.

What you have to do is, when writing any post simply place the cursor wherever you like inserting an horizontal line and click the ‘Horizontal line’ tinyMCE button on your visual editor (seventh button from the right).

Horizontal Line 1

That’s it, you will notice a horizontal line has been added in your content.

You can do same thing via HTML tag also. Great for disabled visual editor WordPress installations.

Horizontal Line 2

For doing it in HTML, when writing any post (make sure you are in text mode) simply place <hr /> where you’d like the horizontal line to appear.

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