Download Any File From Web To WordPress ‘Uploads’ Directory

Instead of downloading files first locally on your computer’s hard drive, you can directly download them to your WordPress website’s ‘Uploads’ directory and keep them safe on your server/hosting. 

Linex Downloader is a WordPress plugin that allows you to save any file on web to your web-hosting space. It can download any type of file via its URL and puts it in the uploads folder.

Start by installing Linex Downloader plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Linex Downloader -> Add Download screen, paste the URL of the file you want to download to your web space. Other two text fields allows you to use a custom file name and title.

Linex Downloader 1

‘Download’ button starts the download process, it takes sometime depending on the size of the file and then file is saved in your WordPress website’s root directory -> wp-content -> uploads -> linex_downloader folder.

The plugin shows you on screen notifications when downloads starts and then when file is successfully saved.

Linex Downloader 2

You can access the file, open it delete it from your admin area dashboard. Linex Downloader’s main admin page provides you the list of files you have saved from web to your website. Here you can access the file, view or delete them.

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