How To Customize Your WordPress Admin Bar ?

Learn Customizing Your WordPress Admin Bar to many styles.

Customizing WordPress Admin Bar Logo And Menu

Using Custom Admin Bar plugin you can customize default WordPress logo and links on the top left corner of your WP admin bar. You can easily add new links and your own site’s logo. See it in action here itself.

Install this plugin and move to dashboard > settings > custom admin bar and do you customization.

Remember: while adding new links (fourth option from the top on your plugin’s settings page), remember to select the right option from the drop down list.

You may also try WP Custom Admin Bar, another WordPress plugin which can disable admin bar or hides it according to user role. It gives another useful option of adding your own CSS  for your WordPress site’s Admin bar.

Removing WordPress Admin Bar Completely from your site

Using Admin Bar Remover you can enable or disable WordPress admin bar from the frontend. If you don’t want to use many plugins you can use following WordPress hacks for doing so:

Adding Option To Minimize Your WordPress Admin Bar

Admin Bar Minimiser plugin add an option for hiding WP admin bar in your site. All it does is it adds a ‘Hide’ button on the top right corner of WP admin bar and when someone clicks it, it starts showing ‘Show’ button.

Adding Login Form In Your WordPress Admin Bar

You can add a login form in your WordPress admin bar (just like WordPress.Com)  by using WordPress Admin Bar Improved plugin. It also add many other options:

Add Custom Link to WordPress Admin Bar

Add custom links, sublinks, dropdown menus in your WordPress Admin bar. Best plugin for creating custom links. Install and activate it, it adds an option (add custom link) in your WP admin Dashboard and you can easily add and manage new custom links for wp admin bar.

Some More Plugins For Customizing Your WP Admin BAr

  • Admin Bar Backend Search – Have all your backed search forms at one place.
  • WP Admin Bar Effect – Add effect to admin bar for show & hide with mouse hover
  • Stick Admin Bar To Bottom – Sticks your WP Admin Bar from top to bottom
  • Blue Admin Bar – Blue version of the admin bar. Supports BuddyPress when BP_USE_WP_ADMIN_BAR is true.
  • WP Admin Menu – A convenient method for navigating into administration from any place in your site. Page, post, archive or otherwise.
  • Admin Bar Theme Switcher – Allow admin users to switch which theme they use on your WordPress, WordPress MU, or BuddyPress site.

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