How To Credit Images With Nofollow Links In WordPress?

Problem comes when you are not sure about the spammy nature of websites you are linking to. Suppose you are using any image which has been labelled for reuse and you link the image source to the website you’re not entirely sure you trust. In such type of cases it’s always good to make sure the credit link is nofollow.

Image Credits nofollow is the new WordPress plugin that lets you credit media uploads with source and URL having nofollow link relationship by default.

How To Use Image Credits (No Follow)?

The plugin  is easy, start by installing and activating it in your website. After activation, you can easily credit any image while uploading it on your blog post (or to any post type).

Image Credits nofollow 1

When an image is uploaded, it shows you additional fields for credit, source URL and a checkbox for enabling no-follow link attribute.

How To Display Image Credits?

Visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Image Credits page and select whether you like displaying credits before or after the content.

Image Credits nofollow 12

You can use custom HTML tags for displaying credits (optional). You can also display credits manually display credits via shortcode or template tag:

  • Shortcode: [image-credit] with optional attributes are sep, before and after.
  • Template Tag: the_image_credits() with optional parameters are sep, before andafter.

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