Create Absolutely Amazing Graphics From Your WordPress Admin Area

NIC Photo Editor is the brand new WordPress plugin that lets you create absolutely amazing graphics direct from your WordPress admin area dashboard. You can merge multiple image and convert them in to single then save your canvas image in WordPress media library and finally insert them inside your blog posts and pages etc.

First install and activate NIC Photo Editor plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new menu in your dashboard’s sidebar. Now visit Dashboard -> NIC Photo Editor and start playing.

You can use the images from media library or simply upload them from your computer’s hard drive.

Its main features are:

  1. Ability to create transparent PNG image.
  2. Option to change canvas background color.
  3. Feature to re-size your canvas.
  4. Ability to set object size by scaling it OR by give width/height of object.
  5. Feature to Bring Front or Send Back to any selected object of canvas area.
  6. Ability to delete any selected object.
  7. You can preview your image by View Image option.
  8. Save/Add your canvas image as media library post.
  9. No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. But for those having knowledge can easly modify or customize.

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