How To Display Present Day Posts On Custom Areas In WordPress?

Today’s Posts is a free WordPress plugin that lets you display current day posts wherever you like in WordPress. You can either display posts vertically or horizontally with or without thumbnail, excerpt on your website. The plugin also enables you to limit the number of posts to display and display from specific category/categories.

How To Display Today’s Posts In WordPress?

Install and activate Today’s Posts plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Today’s Posts page and select your display options. Or you may use the its shortcodes to display today’s posts anywhere you want. Just put shortcode [todaysposts] in any page, post or text widget.

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You may also use custom parameters:

To display horizontally use [todaysposts horizontal="yes"]. Use shortcode [todaysposts thumbnail="yes" excerpt="yes"] if you want to display with thumbnail and excerpt.

For displaying present day’s posts from specific categories, use [todaysposts categories="Category Name 1, Category Name 2"].

For limiting  the number of posts to display use [todaysposts posts=Number of Posts], for example [todaysposts posts=5]. A shortcode with all parameters should look like this [todaysposts horizontal="yes" thumbnail="yes" excerpt="yes" categories="tree, fish, bird" posts=7]

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