Be Mindful To The New Consumer

The pandemic situation might be improving in some parts of the world but COVID-19 is still here and it bounces back as people try to unlock themselves to old norms. As a business, you need to accept the fact that safety comes first and not everyone would be ready for the unlock in the future also. 

So being mindful to all your customers you will have to find a way of serving them with all necessary social distancing and safety guidelines, especially while carrying out your business activities. Bringing most of your business activities online can be a good solution, start thinking about what business activities you can bring online, and then carefully plan every step before you actually jump into the execution. This lesson will guide you on how you can make most of your business activities operational from your domain.

Register Your Domain 

Register your domain name and subscribe to a dedicated server. A dedicated server will accommodate your growing business needs and will never let you worry about the bandwidth and space especially at the time when your online success starts. Still, if your budget is limited, you may go for Business Hosting or a cheaper Managed WordPress plan.

Install WordPress On Your Domain

Once you have registered your domain name, it is time to make your business live on it. For that, you simply need to install WordPress on your domain. Whether you just want a simple business website for the online visibility of your business or a fully-fledged e-commerce store, WordPress provides you an easy and reliable interface for all that.

Follow this lesson and install WordPress on your server, if you have subscribed to a Managed WordPress plan then there’s no need to manually install WordPress, just click the Manage button on your account page and it will let you set up your website on the go.

Try To Bring All Your Business Activities Online

The local store owners and people in any kind of selling business (wholesale, retail, digital files, books, music, video, etc) may simply make use of WordPress Ecommerce to start selling their products online. Everyone else can make use of basic WordPress and its free plugins to set up their business website themselves.

You may also visit the support page here to call the online support and get a free consultancy on what type of website and internet marketing products your business will need.

If Required, Buy Necessary Programming Power

Plan what features you will need to run your business online, whether you need a smartphone app? Whether the features you need on your website can be fulfilled with some free WordPress plugin? or you will need a dedicated developer for that? 

If the basic WordPress installation is not your ideal business solution then you may limit it for blogging your business and get more advanced features developed in the form of a smartphone app or a plugin by a team of experts, for that you just need to purchase the necessary programming power from the

Collaborate With Your Team Online

Team collaboration is a critical business requirement, the good thing is with WordPress you can easily make your workspace collaboration live on your domain. Because being physically present in an office has its own disadvantages such as, 

  • You are not slowing down the progress of infections in society 
  • The office environ makes you, your people, your customers, and your family more vulnerable to the infection 
  • If in-case someone gets infected, the person can more easily pass on that infection to other people

Anyways, WordPress solves your problem of online team collaboration. It simply makes live interaction possible on your domain, you just have to make a few additions to your existing WordPress site and you would be able to establish your own online communication system. Again, for more complex options you can buy necessary programming support from the system at

Setup Online Billing & Inventory Management

If you are a big business, you can make use of a free IMS i.e. inventory management system, available via Installatron app installer on all dedicated server and hosting plans at Small businesses may simply use the built-in WordPress inventory. There are also some good business accounting apps, CRMs i.e. client relationship management platforms, billing and invoicing system along with cloud workspace softwares that can be easily installed on your domain from your server’s admin panel. 

Keep Blogging Your Business

You must have noticed various marketing emails in your inbox, most of these emails contain links to blog posts, some ask you to subscribe to their blog, most of the news notifications you see on your smartphone take you to some blog, most of the product releases, updates, and sale notifications are also broadcasted on their specific blogs. For example, every new Google update is first published on the Google blog and every new WordPress release is first discussed on the WordPress blog.

The reason is, blogging is the best marketing platform of your time, so keep blogging your business on your domain. You simply need a domain and WordPress to start posting content related to your business and with that, you can resolve simple issues that your potential customers face. 

When you post good quality content, search engines start to index your website and with time your posts start to rank higher on search engine results pages, this automatically brings new traffic to your website, and with that traffic, you can increase your sales by adding some call to action (i.e. links that take visitors to sale or checkout pages) after your posts.

Blogging your business is an effective yet lowest cost marketing method, so stop ignoring it and make its good in your business.

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