How To Sync Gmail Attachments To Google Drive?

You can keep all your Gmail email attachments safe in cloud by automatically keeping them in sync to your Google Drive.

Earlier we have discussed about auto-saving email conversations and attachments to cloud. Now today in this lesson you will learn auto-syncing old & new Gmail attachments to Google Drive.

AutoSync Email Attachments to Cloud is a Google Chrome app that automatically syncs past and latest Gmail attachments to your Google Drive.

Start by adding ‘AutoSync Email Attachments to Cloud’ app in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser

As soon it is installed, it asks for your permission to run the script. In-case if it doesn’t runs self then visit your chrome://apps page and click AutoSync app’s icon.

Approve permission by clicking ‘Continue’ button and follow on-screen process.

Sync GDrive

First time install syncs all your past and upcoming Gmail attachments to Google Drive. No extra labels or user action required, all attachments automatically starts to appear in your Google Drive and every new email attachment is synced to your Google Drive’s GmailAttachment folder within 5 minutes.

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