Github Style Easy Headline Parser For WordPress Blogs

If you like writing long articles with multiple headings, ONet Auto Headline Anchor will allows you to add a link next to your headings so that your readers can easily share posts pointing to specific parts, you might have noticed this feature in GitHub and on some websites running on Mediawiki. The feature is also loaded with a smooth scroll script.

Install and activate ONet Auto Headline Anchor then follow the given steps:

  1. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading
  2. Scroll down to ONet Auto Headline Anchor settings section and select your settings
  3. It allows you to set the options like Enable parse, Choose Linkify style, Linkify style, Smooth scroll, Use cache, Select Tags to parse from H1 to H6, Add support for posts & pages

Also you can get a TOC of content by using ONetAutoHeadlineAnchor::get_toc([content],[optional: return hierarchical or raw list]).

The plugin contains a predefined style for Git-like link display but it is hardly recommend to change the style to fit your needs (and your design).

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