How To Add Different Twitter Feeds To Your WordPress Site ?

A simple Twitter feed that outputs your latest tweets in HTML into your WordPress blog. You can easily show Twitter @username tweets, mentions, retweets, public feed, searches, hashtag live search and much more.

First of all Install and activate Twitter Feed for WordPress plugin. Then follow these steps:

For inserting the Twitter feed enter the following shortcode within a page, post or text widget:


Output @3doordigital’s latest feed:

[twitter-feed username="3doordigital"]

Output every mention of @3doordigital:

[twitter-feed username="3doordigital" mode="mentions"]

Output every retweet from @3doordigital:

[twitter-feed username="3doordigital" mode="retweets"]

Output a full public feed of my username – this includes my own feed, mentions of me and my tweets retweeted by others:

[twitter-feed username="alexmoss" mode="public"]

Search for “WordPress Plugin”:

[twitter-feed mode="search" term="WordPress Plugin"]

Output the hastag #Manchester:

[twitter-feed mode="hashtag" hashtag="Manchester"]

Implement Directly into your Theme, to enter the shortcode directly into templates using PHP, enter

echo do_shortcode('[twitter-feed]');


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