How To Add A Shoutbox In Your WordPress Site ?

A shoutbox is basically a saybox, tagboard, chatterbox etc is somewhat similar to chat-like feature that allows visitors to quickly leave messages on your website generally without any registration form.

This tutorial is on a WordPress shoutbox widget plugin called My Shouts. The plugin allows you to add a simple shoutbox widgets with accordion and other customizable options.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate My Shouts plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> My Shouts admin page and configure the option like you can set your

Fields, Text & Background Display:

  • Date Text Color
  • Input Fields Color
  • Background Color
  • Prev/Next BG Color
  • Submit Form BG Color
  • Input Fields Text Color

Text & Row Color Etc:

  • Shout Title Color
  • Shout Row BG Color
  • Shout Row Text Color
  • Shout Row Name Text Color

Submit Button Color & Style:

  • Submit Button BG Color
  • Submit Button Text Color
  • Submit Button Border Color

Other than this you can also enable use of Gravatar, Accordion and set number of Shouts to showup in accordion.

After selecting your options you can display the shoutbox either by using its widget from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page.

OR use its php function call in your theme’s template files:

<?php echo myshouts_show(); ?>

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