4 Best WordPress Plugins For Displaying Messages And Grabbing Your Blog Visitor’s Attention

Here are four free WordPress plugins that takes up your blog visitor’s attention by displaying pop-ups or by showing dynamic notification bars.

The NotiBar

NotiBar is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display a notification bar in your WordPress based site. Simply install and activate the plugin, then visit Dashboard -> Notibar and copy-past your code snippet from from NotiBar.com.

WordPress Notification Bar

WordPress Notification Bar

The Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is another free WordPress plugin allows you to copy-paste your Hello Bar code snippet from HelloBar.com to your WordPress adminDashboard. It also allows you to select whether you’d like your code to be placed in <head> tag or at the end of the <body> tag of your HTML layout

WordPress Hello Bar

Popup to Share

Displays a Popup with social sharing buttons of major social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to share your WordPress blog content.

WordPress Popup to Share

Simple Popup Manager

Simple Popup Manager is different from the above pop up plugin. With this plugin you can display a simple message box on your WordPress front page easily. Best for displaying newsletter functionality, advertising and for getting more fans on your fan page.  It displays pop-up in a light box effect.

WordPress Simple Popup Manager

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