How To Turn Your Laptop Into A WordPress Development Server?

Instant WordPress is the fastest way of installing and running WordPress on your local machine. It is a complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment which automatically turns your computer into a WordPress development server. Even you can carry around all your WordPress testing and development work in a USB key.

It is a combination of local server and WordPress. You can use it as an alternative to WAMP server as it comes packed with Apache, MySQL & PHP that runs (starts & stops) automatically. Great for developing or testing WordPress locally.

How To Install Instant WordPress?

Visit and download Instant WordPress’s EXE file by clicking ‘Download Now‘ button.

After the download completes, visit the folder where you have saved the downloaded file and double click on InstantWP executable to start the installation process.

Instant WordPress 2

Now select an installation folder by clicking the ‘Browse‘ button and then click the ‘Install‘ button.

Wait for sometime and Instant WordPress will be installed into the selected folder.

How To Use Instant WordPress?

Simply visit the folder where you installed it and double click the InstantWP program executable. This takes you to Instant WordPress Control Panel.

Instant WordPress 1

It opens up in a web browser tab and provides you an interface for accessing and using WordPress locally.

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