How To Discover Similar Websites/Pages On The Go?

You can instantly view and access similar websites which are related to the one opened in your web-browser’s tab. Similar Sites PRO and Google Similar Pages are easy Google Chrome apps which enables you to discover new websites/webpages, alternatives to the one you are browsing.

How To Discover Similar Websites?

To start discovering similar websites on your Chrome, simply install Similar Sites PRO. Upon installation the app automatically adds its icon next to your address bar, on the top right corner.

Similar Sites Pro

Now while browsing any website, all you have to do is just click the icon and it will provides you a relevant list of websites which are somehow related to the one you are viewing.

As soon the icon is clicked, it makes a search on and provides you a list of top 10 similar sites. Listed websites shows a thumbnail preview, Alexa and category rank etc.

How To Discover Similar Web Pages?

Browsing similar pages is good for finding more relevant results.  Google Similar Pages lets you browse similar pages instantly on the go.

Google Similar Web Pages

What you have to do is? Install the app and then use its top right corner icon for viewing the list of related webpages which are very much similar to the one you are reading.

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