Transfer SEO Data From One WordPress Theme Or Plugin To Another

When switching to a new WordPress theme or plugin, there is a risk of losing all SEO data such as meta-title, descriptions and keywords etc.

There are some theme frameworks and plugins that allows you to add SEO data like you can set custom SEO title which is shown on search engine results pages, description etc.

Popular SEO plugins such as All in One SEO & Yoast SEO allows you to add more custom SEO data in your posts, pages and custom post types.

In this lesson you will learn about properly transferring all SEO settings with the help of SEO Data Transporter in WordPress.

SEO Data Transporter

By using SEO Data Transporter plugin you can easily transfer your SEO input data from one theme or plugin to other without having to worry about how differently themes and plugins store inputs SEO data in them.

Start by installing and activating the SEO Data Transporter plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit Tools -> SEO Data Transport and choose what platform you are moving from, and what platform you are moving to.

For instance: Suppose you are transferring data from Yoast SEO plugin to All In One SEO pack. Then first select ‘WordPress SEO’ in the from field and ‘All in One SEO Pack’ in the moving to field.

Then click “analyze” to see what records and elements are compatible, and click “convert” to make the conversion.

Currently it supports SEO plugins like Add Meta Tags, All in One SEO, Greg’s High Performance SEO, Headspace2, Meta SEO Pack, Platinum SEO, SEO Ultimate, WordPress SEO i.e. Yoast SEO.

And WordPress themes such as Builder, Catalyst, Frugal, Genesis, Headway, Hybrid, Thesis 1.x and WooFramework.

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