Top 3 Booking Appointment Calender Plugins For WordPress

There are many WordPress plugins that allows you to start booking appointments online from your website. Whether you are a consultant, doctor or manage a restaurant, hotel or whatever, suing these plugins you would be able to allows your customers make booking right from your WordPress blog or site. 

Booking Calendar

The plugin provides you ultimate booking system for online reservation and availability checking service for your website.

Booking Calendar 1

With this plugin your customers will be able to:

  1. Select day(s) in calendar (which is possible to customize for fitting to your site design)
  2. Fill booking form fields (which is possible to configure – change fields labels, activate/deactivate or set as required),
  3. Submit a booking.

Once booking is made, administrator and also visitors will receive a notification email about the new booking, and you will be able to approve or decline this reservation from admin panel.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

This plugin provides you booking calendar that shows when something is booked or available. For instance: You can use it to show when your holiday home is available for rent etc.

WP Simple Booking Calendar 1

The plugin can be used as:

  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a holiday home, bed & breakfast, condo or hotel
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a room or office
  • Booking calendar / availability calendar for a car or boat
  • A booking calendar for equipment
  • A shift calendar etc
Appointment Calendar

Allows you to take and manage online appointment from your WordPress site. The plugin is simple but effective, it enables you to take online appointment bookings on your WordPress blog. Great for consultants, doctors, lawyer and other professionals who giving appointments online from their websites.

Appointment Calendar 1

Main Features:

  • Multilingual: easily translate plugin in your native language
  • Create Service eg: Consultation/Appointment/Hair Cut etc.
  • Add/Edit/Manage Booking from Admin Interface.
  • Insert Booking Calendar into any Post/Page using ShortCode [APCAL].
  • Mobile devices ShortCode [APCAL_MOBILE].
  • Block Timeslots for Lunch, Holiday. Meeting etc.
  • Get Email Notifications on Booking.
  • Get Booking Confirmation Emails on Booking Approved/Cancelled by Admin.
  • Export Appointments: export your all appointments lists as CSV file

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