New Awesome 3D Sharing Buttons For WordPress

Awesome Share Button is the new sharing plugin designed by for WordPress users. The plugin is a bit different from all other social media sharing apps available in WP plugin repository.

It provides you social sharing icons which are displayed with 3D animation, the plugin has sharing icons only for popular social networking website i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3D Sharing Busttons For WordPress 2

The plugin is simple, easy to use and allows you to use custom colors on sharing icons so that you can match social media icons to your website’s color scheme.

Another thing that makes this plugin different is that unlike to other sharing options, it doesn’t adds the sharing icons before of after your blog posts. Instead it automatically sticks them on the right side of your webpages (both on single and multi post screens) thus keeps them visible every time.

Using Awesome Share Button In WordPress

Start by installing and activating Awesome Share Button plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation the plugin automatically places the sharing icons on the right side of your website.

3D Sharing Busttons For WordPress 1

For customizing its options, visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Awesome Share Button’ link from the side admin menu. The page allows you to select custom sharing buttons and their icon colors.

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