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Too Late, Too Little But Laudable

Finally China has acknowledged its initial coverup at Wuhan and apologized to the family of Late Dr Li Wenliang but blamed this blunder upon two local policemen although official CCTV also broadcasted the police reprimand to Dr Li for rumourmongering in Wuhan, which was impossible without the Communist Party’s diktat into this.

Still this is laudable that the martyr of Wuhan whistleblowing is posthumously honoured after all the adversity.

Although simply taking his observation in official account then and there might have saved thousands of innocent lives in China and in the world because then the great Chinese endeavours would have contained the virus at Wuhan very timely without causing an epidemic in China and the global pandemic would not have happened as havoc upon humanity.

Algorithms Govern Better

Chinese Wuhan virus might globally cause an outbreak of a pandemic disease in more countries than covered in Chinese Belt and Road Initiative just because the local Chinese administration initially tried to cover up the matter.

Chernobyl and Wuhan disasters had a common genesis in their outbreaks. It is not that both were Communist Party controlled totalitarian states but a bureaucratic failure in timely taking necessary measures, due to their administrative denial mode in governance, actually made both the disasters occur in this world.

Sangkrit advocates for an algorithm run administration everywhere to get rid of all the corruption, negligence and ignorance in governance. Technology is readily available to take over like that. Sooner or later this has to happen after all, since agorithms govern a lot better, wherever bureaucratic wisdom lacks any necessary proficiency.

Simple Threat Scanner For WordPress Content Directory & Database

Threat Scan Plugin runs a simple threat scan into your WordPress site checking for the things out of place in your website’s content directory as well as in your database.

The plugin searches PHP files for the occurrence of the eval() function, eval() function is an important part of PHP and can be also the door for that hackers. This eval() function is generally avoided by many PHP programmers unless they really need it. The function can sometimes be used for hiding malicious code or to inject future threats into infected systems. Hence it becomes important to delete the plugin and these containing this function. Not only this much the plugin does many other important things, continue reading about this plugin on its WordPress.org page.

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate it. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Threat Scan, it automatically starts scanning your whole website and shows you the results.

Use Browser TrafficLight And Add A Strong, Non-intrusive Security Layer To Your WebBrowsing Experience

These are many Google Chrome firewall, malware, phishing protect extensions but still it becomes hard to find out which website is clean and which is not; specially when you search the web and navigate to website without know what sort stuff is there. This tutorial explains you how you can make your web browsing quick, easy and secure using a simple traffic light that warns you if you visit any suspicious or un-trusted website.

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Free Online Malware Scanner For Running Websites

Sucuri.Net is a powerful free service that allows you to check malware in your website simply by typing your web addres and pressing ENTER. Malware Scanner is free but it also provides some premium features like you can clean up wizard for blacklisted sites, malware monitoring and clean up etc. 

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Jotti’s Malware Scanner: Quick, Easy And Free Online Virus Scan Service

Jotti’s Malware Scan is an online virus scanner that allows you to scan suspicious files and check malware in them using different popular anti-virus programs. Scanners used are Linux versions; detection differences with Windows versions of the same scanners may occur due to implementation differences.

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Wordfence Security – Protect WordPress From Hacks & Malware

Here is an easy way of monitoring your WordPress site against hacking attacks. Every minute hacking bots attempts logging-in to your WordPress site and when they get successful in doing so, they edit your WordPress files (generally WordPress theme files) then add their Affiliate links and sometimes illegal and harmful programs.

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