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Who Made Wuhan A Chernobyl All Over Everywhere?

Not only CPC by suppressing a few facts during the very decisive time but top industrial nations also sold out the global public security to continue importing surplus value made in China.

It is politically failing for now

That is how the peoples deprived of even basic healthcare are dying helplessly till today as nobody knows now that how long this is going to continue like that while their old-fashioned leaders are still busy faking facts for twisting this truth falsely in their favour.

What will happen if this continues for this much time ahead also? What if this sparks a public outrage?

What if public outrage erupts?

If this sparks a public outrage anywhere, that is going to hit the whole world without ever becoming politically manageable by anyone. The old world order is collapsing up to such an extent.

What is capable of managing everything even beyond that?

Only a direct democracy can prevent that

Still the world could get saved by implenting a direct democracy everywhere. In this smartphone stage of internet age it is now feasible. Nothing else is going to work better than that.

Peoples across all the countries alike deserve their direct role in legislation and administration.

Algorithms Govern Better

Chinese Wuhan virus might globally cause an outbreak of a pandemic disease in more countries than covered in Chinese Belt and Road Initiative just because the local Chinese administration initially tried to cover up the matter.

Chernobyl and Wuhan disasters had a common genesis in their outbreaks. It is not that both were Communist Party controlled totalitarian states but a bureaucratic failure in timely taking necessary measures, due to their administrative denial mode in governance, actually made both the disasters occur in this world.

Sangkrit advocates for an algorithm run administration everywhere to get rid of all the corruption, negligence and ignorance in governance. Technology is readily available to take over like that. Sooner or later this has to happen after all, since agorithms govern a lot better, wherever bureaucratic wisdom lacks any necessary proficiency.