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How Much Online Support To Buy To Get Your Website Build?

The advanced online support is universally available simply via an email to system @ sangkrit.net on a per-hour per-terminal basis. Now the question arises of how many hours and how many terminals i.e. programmers you will need to get your website in working mode.

The time your website will take depends on your specific requirements and that may range from one to seven hundred hours. The specialists will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring you never feel stuck anywhere.

When you need a professional blog

If you simply need a blog for professional blogging, you can do it yourself in about thirty minutes by subscribing to Managed WordPress.

Moreover, you may purchase one to three hours of support in case you need it. Otherwise, there’s no need.

When you need an eCommerce store

If you need an eCommerce shop you can do it yourself in one to two hours by subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce. The product helps you to put your products online, arrange them in categories and provide an option to receive payments with all simple and complex eCommerce features that you see on popular eCommerce platforms.

Moreover, you may purchase one to three hours of support in case you need it. Otherwise, there’s no need.

When you need any business website

If you need an informative website for displaying your business details, products, and services with some features of capturing leads and letting your prospects contact you, you can do it yourself in two-three hours with Managed WordPress.

With Managed WordPress you can build any kind of website no matter what sort of business you run. You can always do it yourself.

Moreover, you may purchase one to three hours of support in case you need it. Otherwise, there’s no need.

When you really need online support or a system administrator

If you are starting up a unique idea or unexplored area of doing business. The amount of time you need to get your website or application developed depends on two factors:

  1. The goal of your online business
  2. The complexity of the concept

When you launch such a kind of website or app, its core motive would be to give users utility by interacting with them. The easier the interaction is, the easier it would be to involve your user so that he doesn’t go away from your website or uninstalls your app.

Here you will need to plan the look of your website, the landing page, the first thing you will ask the user to do, and how you can convert him into a paying client. Would you be offering a free trial, or would you be making him register on your website, are there any OTP-based registrations, and what payment method you are going to use, etc?

The online support team will guide you on how much time it will take to bring your unique idea online in the form of a website or mobile application.

How the online support helps you?

You simply start by sharing your vision by sending an email to the system @ Sangkrit.net. The team replies back in a short interval of time and your conversation starts with experts in the field. Now you share your complete vision and the team sends you the details on how much time it will take to bring your business online in the form of a website or app.

You make the payment and send your preferred text, logos, images, and other details you have.

As soon as the online support team gets your input, the experts get to work to bring your vision live. They send you ideas and the progress of the work for your review and you simply sit back to review and confirm everything they ask you in between. As they get your final approval, your website is delivered online i.e. it is made live on your domain name for the world to see.

You get a panel to keep updating your website and whenever you need you can buy more hours to let the team help you in your work in the future also. Whenever your inspiration strikes and feels the need of adding more features or changing anything, online support is always available to you at a per-hour cost.

Moreover, you may also hire a full-time system administrator from online support to work on your website, do server maintenance, etc while you sit back and stay focused on growing your online business.

What Your System Administrator Cannot Do To Your Domains & Server?

As you have already learned that the system at Sangkrit.net allows you to assign a system administrator to manage your website and server. It also enables you to control his access and assign limitations.

But despite the permissions you have granted to him, for your account’s safety, there are some things that he cannot do to your account.

Your system administrator can purchase products (if you have granted his permission for that) using the payment method you have provided him or added to your account but he can never manage or add new payment methods to your account.

He cannot invite any helper to access your account or reach the online support team of Sangrkit.net specifically for your account. He cannot view or change your support PIN or password.

Your system administrator cannot view your order history or upgrade or downgrade your products but he can purchase and renew products if you have granted him specific permissions for that.

To get a system administrator to help you to manage your website, apps, and server you can simply email the system at Sangkrit.net.

Controlling The Access Of System Administrator Who Manages Your Website & Server

The system at Sangkrit.net empowers you to assign a system administrator to manage your website and server. It also enables you to set his access level i.e. add limitations to what he can and cannot do in your account.

While adding a manager the time you send invites, the system shows you an option to choose his access level. The level can be of the following types:

Products, Domains & Purchase

This level of permission allows your system administrator to purchase products on your behalf using the payment method you have added. He can access your products and cancel subscriptions over purchased products.

For domain names, you can set the specific permission that you will learn in the next coming lessons.

Products & Domain Names

The system administrator can access, and manage your products and can also cancel new products. For domain names as in the above-mentioned level of permissions, you can set your specific permissions.

Domain Names

This level of access only enables your system administrator to manage your domain names and transfer. You can also assign a set level of permissions over your domains.

Account Actions

This set of permissions allows your system administrator to access your account at some point in time you say but currently, no access to products and no purchase is given. This level simply allows you to keep your system administrator in connection so that you can assign tasks to him in the future.

To find a system administrator to manage your website, apps, and server you can simply send an email to the system at Sangrkit.net.

How To Assign A System Administrator To Manage Your Website & Server?

When you subscribe to a Webhosting, Cloud, VPS, or Dedicated Server at Sangkrit.net, the system provides you with an option to assign someone as your programmer or system administrator to work on your behalf on your websites, without accessing your private information or anything you need to keep private.

When do you need a Manager?

The fully managed dedicated servers offer you complete support. The Managed WordPress and Website Builders are so easy that you can do everything on your own. But still, if you want a manager to look after your product, design your website, or manage your WHM-cPanel-less server from the command line then you can subscribe to the online support by sending an email to the system at Sangkrit.net.

You can invite your programmer to work as your system administrator and look after your products. Such as opening and using your products, creating website, editing code on your behalf without viewing or changing your personal account information like your payment method and password.

How to add a System Administrator?

  1. Login to your Sangkrit.net account and visit this page here.
  2. Select ‘Invite to Access’ from the people who can access my account section
  3. Enter the Name and Email address of the programmer you’re inviting
  4. Select an access level to make sure how much access you are providing him, you may read the explanation of access levels to know more about each level of access
  5. Select Invite and the system will send an email invitation to the person you are providing access to your account
  6. Once the person accepts your invitation, the system will let you know and he would be able to manage your products

How to cancel an invitation?

All pending invitations can be canceled by either you or an existing delegate by selecting the cancel option. The invitations which are not accepted within 48 to 72 hours will expire automatically.

How to remove a system administrator?

You can cancel the access anytime by logging in to your Sangkrit.net account and visiting the same page here.

Then from the people who can access my account section, select the ‘Edit’ option visible next to the name of the delegate you want to remove, now click the ‘Delete’ option visible under the ‘Save’ button.

The person you are assigning your manager must have a Sangkrit.net account in order to accept your invitation. In case they don’t have one, the system automatically prompts them to create one.

Sangkrit Homeschools Into System Engineering For Free

System Engineering is the ultimate course to lead in future so Sangkrit homeschools everyone into this for free. Henceforth here everyone is free for pursuing this at one’s own pace.

Startup interface Sangkrit.net already homeschools everyone for homemploying everywhere in a blockchain order of independent outlets. These outlets run the free trade of online support & global exposure from everywhere around this portal. Thus one can earn from the very beginning while continue to learn the advanced engineering that runs the actual system at Sangkrit.net.

The smartest whizkids must complete this qualification to get homemployed by their clients as System Administrator. This is necessary to get paid at the highest hourly per terminal rate.

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Tactically you should regularly be selling SANGKRIT.net servers bundled with your own system administration plus any necessary online support from time to time to get settled separately at hourly per terminal rates from the free market of independent programmers.

SANGKRIT.net servers are to be purchased online at https://system.sangkrit.net but the server administration charges you receive in your personal bank account. Likewise online support charges are also to get paid into your personal bank account to get furthered to the personal bank accounts of any involved programmers from within that.

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