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Controlling The Access Of System Administrator Who Manages Your Website & Server

The system at empowers you to assign a system administrator to manage your website and server. It also enables you to set his access level i.e. add limitations to what he can and cannot do in your account.

While adding a manager the time you send invites, the system shows you an option to choose his access level. The level can be of the following types:

Products, Domains & Purchase

This level of permission allows your system administrator to purchase products on your behalf using the payment method you have added. He can access your products and cancel subscriptions over purchased products.

For domain names, you can set the specific permission that you will learn in the next coming lessons.

Products & Domain Names

The system administrator can access, and manage your products and can also cancel new products. For domain names as in the above-mentioned level of permissions, you can set your specific permissions.

Domain Names

This level of access only enables your system administrator to manage your domain names and transfer. You can also assign a set level of permissions over your domains.

Account Actions

This set of permissions allows your system administrator to access your account at some point in time you say but currently, no access to products and no purchase is given. This level simply allows you to keep your system administrator in connection so that you can assign tasks to him in the future.

To find a system administrator to manage your website, apps, and server you can simply send an email to the system at

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