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How To Auto Open MailTo Links In Gmail Compose?

Mailto is a URI scheme which defines the scheme for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email addresses. It is used on websites, PDFs and documents etc in the form of clickable links which when clicked opens e-mail compose box in your system’s default email client (like Thunderbird & Outlook etc) without first having to copy destination e-mail address, open an e-mail client and then pasting it there. But now-a-days most people works on cloud and they don’t maintain any local email client. Hence, what they generally do is right click over the mailto link and copy the email address to use in Gmail compose box. In this tutorial we will show you how to automatically open mailto links in your Gmail compose box.

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How To Switch To Outlook.com With New Gmail Import Tool?

It is not always easy to switch between e-mail provider but the new Outlook.com’s Gmail import tool looks a bit different from past tools. This tutorial is on new Gmail import tool and here we will discuss how to switch to Outlook.com using this new tool.

To start open your Outlook.com account and follow the given steps:

Step-1 Click the gear icon and choose “More mail settings”

Step-2 Under “Managing your account,” click the “Import email accounts” and then Google. (Here is the direct link to Gmail import tool)

Step-3 From import tool page, click the Options link, By default it imports your messages to existing folders and automatically creates new directories for any custom Gmail labels you used in Gmail but still you can decide how you want to import them. Finally, click Start.

Step-4 It will prompt you to authorize Outlook.com for accessing your Gmail account, authorize it. It takes some time depending upon the quantity of messages are to be imported. After it finishes you get an e-mail with all import results.

Independently Encrypt And Decrypt Text Anywhere On Internet

Unreadable is a free web service, as the name says it all it lets you easily encrypts and decrypts text independently of the transport (e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook and co) and the platform (PC, smartphone, television, etc.). Using this awesome app you can secure all of your text and passwords.

All encrypted texts can be sent by Emails, USB / CD / DVD / Bluray (stored in a file), Facebook, Google+, Twitter, … WhatsApp, ChatON, Hangouts, Hike, whistle.im, Skype. It is compatible on all popular platforms like Android (Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Hub), iOS, BlackBerry, FireFox OS, Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, … everything with a browser.

There many other functions this app does are:

  1. 256-bit key length
  2. Offline Availability
  3. Different languages: German, English
  4. Protection against Data analysis-tools
  5. Provides you fast and effective encryption and decryption of texts
  6. Strong symmetric encryption algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard short AES)
  7. Platform independent The app works on the PC, the smartphone, camera, TV, etc. … everything, that has a browser;)

Usage Instructions:

You can install its Chrome Extension or use the service directly by visiting Unreadable.de


  1. Write text
  2. Think out a password and encrypt the text
  3. Send encrypted text
  4. Communicate the password to the communication partner by telephone, letter or in direct conversation


  1. Visit www.unreadable.de or download the app
  2. Copy encrypted text into the app
  3. Enter the password and decrypt the text

Send Colorful Styled Emails To Friends On Special Occasions

Color Mail is a free cloud service you can use for creating and sending styled emailed much similar to old days stylish letter pads but here you can easily style your text too. The website service provides you can easy & user-friendly tool that helps you to create and send colourful styled emails to your friends, relatives etc on special occasions.

Colormail 1

Colormail 2

You can design beautiful email cards using hundreds of email cards templates. You can choose email card template, edit content, and then finally send out the email right from the app’s page. Your color email card will be an attachment to sent email which is compatible to Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and most mobile devices and operating systems.

Automatically Move Big Email Attachments To Your Google Drive

Archiver for Gmail is a script for Google Chrome. It seamlessly analyze your Gmail inbox and moves all of the big attachments to your Google drive, you can do it in one click. It also provides you background features for automatically copying email attachments to Google Drive.

Script is easy to use. Simply install its extension (Archiver for Gmail) in your Chrome then follow the steps:

  1. Visit your Chrome Apps page and launch Archiver for Gmail
  2. First it will ask for authorization, complete app authorization by following on screen steps
  3. After completing authorization you will be seeing this scripts main page, simply click the ‘Start‘ button to begin the process.

Now it will automatically copy all your big email attachments (1 MB or bigger) to Google Drive and label your incoming emails based on the attachment size.

The script also saves a HTML copy of the whole email thread and makes you free to delete each email containing big attachments (this can be even done automatically). All messages containing relevant attachments will be labelled, so that you can index your inbox even better.

Enrich Email Experience By Embedding Shared Content Right Below Emails You Send Or Receive

You easily or you can say automatically enrich your email experience by auto-embedding shared content right below your emails. Iframely for Gmail allows you to watch embedded videos, view images and read articles directly in your Gmail. Works same as oEmbed works in WordPress.

How it works ? After you open your gmail account, this app automatically searches web links present inside incoming mails and then everything gets visual. It ignores all emails you get from marketing bots etc and shows only content from real humans not by bots.

Another useful function this chrome app provides you is when you compose any email, it automatically detect photos in URLs which you are sending to your friends etc and it puts an image inside your emails for convenience of your peers.

It works same on embedding videos, sound and more but don’t worry it does not autoplay any videos and disrupt your productivity. You may click to open if required. The application is powered by Iframely Open Source API and is secured by http://iframely.com/qa.

Powerful Multiple Gmail Account Checker For Chromebook

Earlier we discussed about Gmail Offline chrome app that allows you to automatically synchronize all you Gmail messages and then you can read, write, search and do more with your Gmail messages, all offline. We also discussed about popular Official Gmail App for chrome. Now this tutorial is on another cool chrome app called Multiple Account Checker for Gmail. As clear from its name, the app allows you to read all your Gmail and Google Apps emails from one tab so that you can reduce your tabs and save memory.

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How To Delete Complete Or Selected Web History Of Your Google Account ?

First thing you show know is What is actually Google Web History ? Google Web History is stored on the servers of Google and it is made accessible for you so that you can manage it directly from your computer by signing in to your Google account. It stores all stuff related to search queries which you have done using Google, results that appeared and also the pages you visit like URL etc. By default Google automatically turns on your account web search and other history so that you can browse your searches in future and also so that it can offer you better improved and more relevant search results and recommendations Google Web History offers more relevant search results, recommendations and more personalized experience while using Google.

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Instantly Add Encoded Events On Websites You Are Browsing To Your Google Calendar

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can easily view and create new events on your Google Calendar direct from your Google Chrome web-browser. Not only this much, you can instantly grab special encoded events from the websites you are browsing to your Google Calender from your Chrome browser.

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Google Dictionary: Double Click A Word To Get Instant PopUp Definition

Normally what blog readers do when they don’t know the meaning of any word, they select the word, right click on it and search it using their browser’s default set search engine. But now by using a simple Google Chrome extension you can know the meaning of any word instantly by double clicking on it.

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Google Chrome Tab Packager: Do Research With A Number Of Tabs Open In Same Web Browser

If you in habit of opening a number of tabs then after some time you get messed up with many open web pages and at last you have to copy-paste URLs in may be your notepad or something, this temporarily solves the problem but increases unnecessary steps next time you try to open those links in your browser.

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Outlook.Com Is Loaded With Vast Privacy Issue

I am using Gmail since long and will keep using it. Microsoft Outlook.Com is loaded with vast privacy issue of contemporary world.

Outlook.Com Keeps Your Mail Without Your Permission Even After You Delete It And You Think It Is A Cool Feature

It offers you a feature for Recovering Deleted Mails even after emptying your trash you can get your mails back from Deleted directory’s link “recover deleted messages.”

This might be useful sometime but it is the most serious flaw. Outlook.com doesn’t respect your privacy. Its spying on you. Its a CIA agent. You can get your deleted messages back; it means all of your content is safe on their server even after removing it permanently.

When you delete anything on Gmail it moves to Trash bin. You can restore it from there but if you want to delete it permanently then you empty the trash bin and your mail is completely gone and you are free. But in case of Outlook.com where you delete your mail, it moves to trash, you empty the trash bin for removing your mails permanently from your account but it is still there. You don’t know where it it. You cannot see it but it is there on the server and they tell that this vast privacy issue is a cool feature.

If You Think That Outlook Offers Unlimited Space, you are Wrong. Microsoft Is Misguiding You.

On Internet there is nothing like unlimited. Anyone who offers you unlimited space, bandwidth or anything is fake. Internet runs on hardware not space and hardware cannot provide anything which is unlimited. Google is honest and respects science-mathematics so it tells you the truth that they offer you 10 GB storage. Outlook.com is just opposite and it came from the proprietary background of Microsoft so they trick on you. Open and clear fact is that on Outlook.com you can receive email with maximum size of 25 MB which is similar to Gmail. If Outlook.Com is better than Gmail then it should increase this size. Saying that you give Unlimited storage doesn’t matter because one can backup the mails on other machine but receiving mail more than 25 MB might be a step ahead. Then also I will not be using Outlook.Com because still it has privacy issue and proprietary background.

Google integrates Google+ network with your mailbox. May be none of your friends use it. May be they are using Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn which easily gets integrated with Outlook. Is that actually matters for you, if yes then I am sure you will be using Facebook Email Service for all of your mails and Facebook Search for finding things.

People who are more close to science and math use Google like Linus Torvalds because they understand the technical superiority and honesty of Google.

How can you trust anything from Microsoft. You know what its founder says:

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… because, he will find an easy way to do it”

And what he actually does, he choose toppers knowing that toppers work day and night for merit.

Microsoft is misleading you, tricking you since a very long time. They are selling the most insecure operating system at very high rates (and also in parts). So it is better to change your mind if it is bending towards the wrong side. Don’t use Microsoft products. Don’t use Outlook. They are less scientific. Use Linux as  it is free and open. Use Google as it is honest and scientific.