How To Auto Open MailTo Links In Gmail Compose?

Mailto is a URI scheme which defines the scheme for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email addresses. It is used on websites, PDFs and documents etc in the form of clickable links which when clicked opens e-mail compose box in your system’s default email client (like Thunderbird & Outlook etc) without first having to copy destination e-mail address, open an e-mail client and then pasting it there. But now-a-days most people works on cloud and they don’t maintain any local email client. Hence, what they generally do is right click over the mailto link and copy the email address to use in Gmail compose box. In this tutorial we will show you how to automatically open mailto links in your Gmail compose box.

Mailto: for Gmail™ is a Google Chrome app which automatically makes all mailto links open in your Gmail. Simply add the extension in your browser and restart Chrome. That’s it.

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Ubuntu Linux users may use another cool application. Gnome Gmail app for Ubuntu integrate Gmail with your desktop which means after you install this app, all mailto links (globally) opens up in your Gmail window. You can install it from Ubuntu Software Centre by searching the keyword ‘Gnome Gmail‘. After installation the app makes Gmail a choice as default mail reader in your Ubuntu desktop environ. Thereafter whenever a mailto link is clicked it opens it in your Gmail webpage.

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