Easy Way To Master Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail

There various keyboard shortcuts you can use on Gmail but very few users know what they are and how to use them. In this tutorial we will show you a very easy way to learn, use and master all Gmail keyboard shortcuts on the go.

Most Gmail users prefer mouse over keyboard but power users likes using keyboard for performing most actions because it is a big time saver, specially when you have to write/reply a large number of emails everyday.

You can easily get to know about keyboard shortcuts of Gmail without reading any long tutorial or watching a boring video over and over.

KeyRocket, a Google Chrome app automatically gives you shortcut suggestions on the go. It monitors your action while you are working on your Gmail account and shows you suggestions on actions that can be performed via keyboard.

How To Use KeyRocket for Gmail?

Start by adding KeyRocket for Gmail™ in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser.

KeyRocket for Gmail™ 3

Upon installation make sure that keyboard shortcuts are enabled in your Gmail account settings.

That’s it. For instance, when you click ‘Compose’, the extension automatically works and shows you a overlay suggestion to use “C” (keyboard shortcut) for the same purpose.

KeyRocket for Gmail™ 2

And in a days or months, you will learn about all shortcuts and they will go in your reflexes.

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