Easily Control Elements Of WordPress Post Edit Screen

The plugin provides you one feature with lots of control. It enables you to specify what user roles can have access to what meta box elements on WordPress content edit screen. 

For instance: Suppose your website doesn’t support comments & trackbacks then you can turn their metaboxes off from the post edit admin screens.

WP-CMS Post Control 2

There are many other options and controls like you can disable autosave, post revisions or limit them manually.

Start by installing and activating WP-CMS Post Control plugin in WordPress

WP-CMS Post Control 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Post Control and choose your options. You can hide controls available to different user roles.

It provides you checkboxes to show/hide:

  • Attributes
  • Author
  • Custom Fields
  • Discussion
  • Comments & Trackbacks
  • Featured Image
  • Slug
  • Revisions
  • Categories
  • Excerpt
  • Format

Visit Settings -> Post Control Core and you will be able to disable autosave, disable or limit revisions, set the number of days to keep trashed content.

  • Disable autosave
  • Disable or limit revisions
  • Set the number of days to keep trashed content

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