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Open Real Estate is a free real estate website builder application that installs on any domain at and provides you a designed feature rich, mobile optimized, easy to use, search engine friendly and visually appealing real estate website in minutes.

What is Open Real Estate?

Open Real Estate is a free realty management application. It offers real estate agencies and real estate agents the technology they need to connect with real estate owners, prospective buyers and Internet surfers.

real estate028_uz-rek_com

Open Real Estate is a free script for building a website containing information about buying, renting, selling or changing of realty (apartments, houses, land property etc). This product can be used for creating a web platform for your business as well as for developing your own business from the ground up.

Core Features:

  1. Responsive Mobile Friendly Layout – To engage both laptop and smartphone users. It provides optimized display on tablets, smartphones and laptops etc.
  2. Convenient interface – Developer team has tried to make the product as simple and clear as possible. And customers say that they have succeeded in it!
  3. Modern, secure product with high speed. It is based on the widely used by web-developers tool – Yii CMF. It guarantees the highest website speed and the product’s security. Keep yourself up to date — use Open Real Estate!
  4. Constant development. Developers are always working on improving this product by releasing new versions with present-day functions that you need! Just post your comments on their forum, and they will try to make your wish come true without charging you for anything!
  5. Still there are some additional paid modules available, there are some unique extensions for Open Real Estate, which allow your site to leave your competitors far behind!

Startup your first Real Estate Website

To startup a real estate website, all you need is a website hosting plan or VPS/Dedicated Server with a domain name.

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Installing Open Real Estate:

First thing you need to do is login to you account, and launch your hosting cPanel. Now from the cPanel home screen, scroll down to ‘Software/Services’ section and click ‘Installatron’.

cPanel X

Select Application Browser tab:

Application Browser

Scroll down to ‘Apps for e-Commerce and Business’ section and click ‘Open Real Estate’:

Installatron Applications Browser (1)

This will direct you to the installation page showing you details on features of your Real Estate website. Here you can view application demo and other websites using same application.

Open Real Estate installation process – click ‘+install this application’ button

open real estate

This will prompt you to select a domain or subdomain or sub-directory to install Open Real Estate website script. If you are already running a website on your main domain then you can either go for a subdomain or use a subdirectry for installation.

Scroll down to ‘Settings‘ section and type in your new website a username, password, admin email and then click ‘Install‘ button. The installations takes a minute or less and then shows you installation complete notification with links to your website’s home page admin area.

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