SmartViper: Analyze All Important Information On Any Website’s Performance, SEO, History And More

Markosweb.Com is a free service allows you to collect and analyze any data about domains and keywords they are optimized for. It displays you a lot of useful information about any website in just a click. All you need to do is visit Markosweb.Com, type any domain name you like to analyse and press ENTER. You will be seeing a long list of useful information is displayed on your screen.

Using this web service you can know the following details of any website:

  1. Similar websites
  2. Test the site downtime
  3. Keywords Pie & Analytics
  4. Most important website pages
  5. Aggregated News of your website
  6. Website’s contact and support information
  7. Website Title History; lets you know how many times title of the website has been changed
  8. Analyzed structure of the website‘s home page, CMS etc
  9. Homepage Links Analysis
  10. Indexed Pages, Backward Links, HTML Validation, County Map, Certification Program etc
  11. SEO Score and Worth Widgets
  12. DNS resolve for domain with & without WWW is resolved well
  13. Heatmap showing where your visitors eyes will first be directed to on the main page

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