StopWatching.US, A Website To Have Your Voice Heard And Get More Information On What US Government Is Doing

Mozilla with a group of other powerful organisations launched a new website with address StopWatching.US. It is an online campaign created to get US Congress to question executive branch about the misuse of their powers. The campaign is now supported by various powerful organisations like Reddit, American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and altogether there are 86 organizations including companies.

The website has a simple layout showing various quotations on its header and following message with link to their full letter to US Congress:

Stop Watching Us - Stop Watching Us

How To Join StopWatching.US Campaign ?

Simply visit its Home Page Optin.Stopwatching.Us, scroll down and enter your email address, full name, address, zip, tick their TOCs, click SIGN button to get your name presented to the US Congress with letter they have written.

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